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Devil's Highway Run

June 6, 2020

The most dramatic section of former Rt 666 is known today as the Coronado Trail Scenic Byway. Our Route 666 Run is a magnificent 265 mile ride on one of the most scenic stretches of American tarmac, in commemoration of the birth and death of the once legendary Devil’s Highway.


JOIN the 14th run on Saturday, June 6, 2020!


• U.S. Rt. 666 was first commissioned in 1926 with a northern terminus of Cortez, CO.

• The Signage arrived to Arizona in 1938, stretching to Douglas, 30 miles of it overlapped U.S. Route 66.

• 1985 marked the end of U.S. Route 66 designation, leaving U.S 666 an orphan.

• Dislike of the reference to the antichrist, street signs were stolen at a faster pace than they could be replaced, rerouting and complaints from superstitious drivers were a few of the reasons that lead to the gradual cessation of Route 666.

• Arizona changed the numbering to U.S. 191 in 1993.

• On May 31, 2003, U.S. Route 666 officially became extinct, leaving legends, scenic miles and the nickname “The Devil’s Highway” for posterity.

• The 14th Annual Route 666 Run takes place on June 6, 2020. The 265 mile long Devil’s Highway Run covers the most scenic stretch of the former Rt. 666, which is actually one of the finest rides in the entire U.S.


The Ride




By 1st Defense Industries, Inc.

M/C Rentals and Tours


Distance: 265 Miles

Elevation variation <6,000 Ft.

Number of curves < 1,000 The Rt. 666 Run

starts/ends in Springerville, AZ with the southernmost point at Three Way, AZ. The ride loops

clockwise, so we’ll go downhill through the broad

sweepers of NM Rt 180 and we’ll enjoy the

switchbacks of AZ Rt 191 going uphill:

    - Rt. 191 South (AZ) Alpine

    - Rt. 180 (NM) Luna, Alma

    - Rt. 78 (NM, AZ) Mule Creek, Three Way

    - Rt. 191 North (AZ) Clifton, Morenci, Hannagan

Meadow, Alpine, Springerville

Route 666 Elevation Profile

As the elevation profile hints, plenty of fun awaits you

during this ride. Some say that this section of the

road has 1100 curves in 95 miles. The final count is up

to you, but don’t expect a fast paced ride. The Clifton

– Alpine leg takes over 3 hours to complete.

Riders Meeting/


Meeting Point:

Ride Departs


How to Get There:

Things to Know:

8:30 – 9:30 AM – June 6, 2020 (Saturday)

Avery's on Main Street, Springerville


After you register – Registration is required only for

drawing participation, not for the ride.

Rode Inn provides discount rates for those

participating in the Route 666 Run. Call 928-333-4365

and mention Route 666 Run when making your

reservation. Upscale lodges, B&B’s and cabins are

available in Greer, Campgrounds are also available.

The rides to and from Springerville also have plenty of scenic miles in either direction.

From Phoenix:

    - Highway 60 via Globe and Salt River Canyon to

Carrizo Jct.

    - Rt 73 from Carrizo jct. to Hon Dah

    - Rt 260 from Hon Dah to Springerville

To Phoenix:

    - Rt 260 from Springerville to Payson

    - Rt 87 from Payson to Phoenix

Alma Store and Grill is a good pit stop on the NM side. All participants receive a free bottled water with fuel purchase, plus 10 cents off posted price, plus 10% discount at the Grill. You must get gas in Clifton/Morenci! There is no gas for more than 90 miles between Clifton and Alpine and the road climbs from 3,464 ft to 9,092 ft. Be cautious of possible gravel or stones on the road!!

Register on-line


Registered Riders are eligible

For the 14th Rt. 666 Run lapel pin.

Important Note: The Devil’s Highway, Route 666 Run is a voluntary ride, not an organized event. Riders are solely and exclusively responsible for his/her own safety, orientation, accommodations, F/B, etc. Put it simply, just because it’s fun to share the ride with others, it does not mean that you can blame anyone if something goes wrong or you encounter something unexpected. Enjoy the ride and leave the legal representatives out! The Devil’s Highway, Route 666 Run sponsoring companies/organizations cannot be held liable for any claims from any persons, any loss, damage, injury, expense however caused arising from this event.

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Devil's Highway Run

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Devil’s Highway Run

Ride it Late Spring, Summer and Early Fall

Gaylen Brotherson and Team

Welcomes you to AZ Ride’s Annual

Devil’s Highway Run/Ride

Pre-Ride Party / Pre-Registration

Friday, June 5, 2020 at Avery’s BBQ starting at 6:30 PM

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